Friday, November 12, 2010

we are a Giants family.

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 Admittedly, I have a reputation for not being completely up to par when it comes to sports lingo, rules and whatnot (whatnot meaning all things sports.)  I have not always been quite as marinated in football as I am today.  I married into football.  My husband LOVES football.  I have two little boys...who already LOVE football.  It's a big deal in my house.  And I'm OK with that.     

We are a NY Giants family.  And we come by it honestly.  My husband grew up about 40 minutes from Giants stadium...a stadium that his grandfather had a hand in building.  Getting ready for a game day depends on the game...the one they have the most fun getting ready for comes once a year.  

Since 1976, when the original stadium was built, my husband's family has had seasons tickets.  So through the years four of Doug's family members have gotten together through the season to go to a game together...over the years the dynamic of who went has changed but for all the years I have known Doug it's been Doug, his two brothers and his dad.  And they go once a year.  It's a game they look forward to not only for the game, but for time they get to spend together...and often it may be the ONE time the four are together in one place. 
(the view from their season ticket seats)
They plan ahead...they all meet up in New Jersey...they dress in their Giants gear...they get sandwiches at their favorite deli to eat on the way there...they spend a day together watching their favorite football team play and they have a chance to catch up.  To not worry about anything but the next play.  

And this is important to me because of the underlying themes that are there and are being passed on to my the time out of busy lives to connect. 

And while every game isn't as fun to get ready and go usually riles my husband up enough to get him through the rest of the season...and one day I hope my little boys will look forward to once a year, meeting up in New Jersey with their dad, getting sandwiches at their favorite deli and taking time out of their lives to only worry about the next play.

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